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Ian Crawford on stage: a study.
even less officially titled "subby!ian and other incarnations." so, uh. you asked for it. /o\

I'll have you know that searching my pictures folder for "ian" returns 143 results. and it hasn't been updated in a while. I will just...start from the top left, then.

all ian picspams must include this picture!

Ian is kind of the equivalent of the kid in high school whose friends all manhandle him. Did everyone have one of those? No?

like, no one even cares, see? that's just what you do. this interviewer is clearly a noob.

In any case, the logical progression from there is that Brendon likes to get half-naked on stage and do this.

(ugh but the casual/trusting dynamic)

(he practically dropped there. bden had to wake him up.)

Brendon is giving the rapture of Jesus a new meaning. (or is he? okay I'll shut up now)

they keep doing that thing where Ian has to shake himself awake. and Brendon gets possessive.

seriously, it's like the entire band has collectively determined that Ian is the one to be toppy with. not that it would be a difficult conclusion, but I'm just saying.

okay, let's take a break. have another pretty picture.

and here's Ian being ~prayerful on stage. what is it with guitarists and that expression? Frank Iero does the same thing.

okay, here's the thing. he's also a massive dork. he gets shit like this mixed in with my subby!ian pictures.

all right, I totally stole this sequence of pictures from someone (sneaky_sena, maybe?) and I'm sorry. but wild predator!Brendon is just too good.



okay, we are taking a detour. first we will talk about Ian being adorable:

and young:

and I am so sorry for this picture I swear I am so sorry

but you can see nothing's changed

and here's Ian cuddling a dog!

and again.

and sleeping with one! ...goddammit, English.

he is really just a kid in a hoodie!

I am ever sympathetic to the plight of being the last in the height ladder.

he is really just a pretty dork.

who likes sean van vleet animals. (actually, I determined from this picture that the horse has to be brendon urie, because that is the same pose.)

but really, see?


and now that we've demonstrated that Ian is a total innocent, we shall talk about

just kidding.

actually, detour pt. 2 is devoted to talking about how Ian is also a badass rockstar musician. so here, have a more ~appropriate segue:

he plays the mandolin. (that is a mandolin, right? I was quite sure.)

in this one, he looks like a teenage grunge girl rocking out in her pajamas. fuck yeah.

first we convinced you he's just a kid at heart, now we convince you he's just a musician at heart.

music is where he bonds. oh wait.

no, really.

they're working here. also playing. that's just their thing, isn't it?

he also plays drums! fucking musicians and their fucking instruments

I'll have you know that is very hard to do. (well actually playing guitar standing up is hard but anyway)

you see? goddamn multi-instrumentalists.

also, he appears to have gotten lost in Ryan Ross' closet. (fuck your plural mine is prettier.)

that is actually a theme!

tell me he's not fucking cosplaying there.

you see?

and apparently when you hang out with brendon the faces are contagious. you can't cosplay two people at once, Ian. oh fine.

have another pretty picture!

anyway. the compelling thing about Ian on stage is that he somehow combines all of these personas - the innocent, the musician, the subbiest sub - into something whole and natural and organic and shut the fuck up why are all these words food words?

and so.

on his knees, head tipped back

and still playing.

maybe he needs some help.

or just a quiet moment, a tender gesture

possessiveness he can trust

some not-so-accidental bondage

fuck. I think I just pulled out all the stops. there is no way you could argue that wasn't entirely self-indulgent. and unless I'm posting all 143 Ian pictures, I should stop now before this becomes an even worse pain to crosspost D:

so I leave you with this.

Ian just likes it when he can make Brendon look at him like that.

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♥ ♥ ♥ IAN

I love the gif where you said he looked like he'd dropped. unf ._________. I JUST WANT ALL THE SUBBY IAN FIC NOW. He is so cute and hot and hilarious and GOOD AT MUSIC. Awesome picspam!

Edited at 2012-03-20 11:59 am (UTC)

:D :D there needs to be so much fic. he just. keeps doing it.


Toppy!Brendon and Subby & At Peace Ian needs to happen. Or there needed to be more of it, if it has happened. jfc, that cannot be a comfortable position to play guitar in and yet, he looks so damn comfy.

exactly! look look what I found yesterday: they do it in broad fucking daylight too! where is this fic *________*

Brendon finally has someone to be toppy witth all the time. He can't stop himself from enjoying it!

._________________. I want the fic. Who can we bother to write it for us? :D? :D?

ngh. maybe if we talk about it on twitter incessantly it will surreptitiously invade someone's brain? I MEAN. THEY HAVE ~SECRET TOUCH-CONVERSATIONS IN PUBLIC. SURELY THAT IS AUTOMATIC INSPIRATION.


(Deleted comment)
ahaha yeah, I should maybe have added a warning for hypnotism /o\

I SUPPORT THIS. you just need to be ~prepared in case you ever need to have a musician-off!


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