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wherein I have an "I want to believe" poster on my wall
You guys, I miss LJ/DW fandom. This is the conclusion I have come to after returning to pinboard for fic recs when I exhausted Archive of Our Own (how is that possible?) and getting sucked into a time vortex of people's fic posts from 2009. Yeah. That was great.

I'm feeling maybe writing some and posting fic old-style for fandoms like the X-Files (although: oh my god, did anyone see, they are considering a reboot and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are BOTH DOWN, help me, someone help me breathe) or, like, fuckin' Stargate or something. Or even newer stuff like Agent Carter (can anyone say "human Jarvis is a giant sub," please, or for that matter "Angie is fucking gay"?) or Homestuck, which is just begging for some dumb cosmic ship manifestos.

I've also reread a bunch of old RPF and basically I am parched for some nice comforting fandom squee. Should I post some? Should I continue to stare glassy-eyed at documents full of Mulder/Scully ideas? Does anyone have fannish thoughts they've got to share? (Does anyone know why LJ doesn't ever load anymore?) What's up in the world here? I hope everyone's doing well, and happy Monday.

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I love AO3 but I miss stuff being posted on here too.

I say post away!

Heyyy, it's good to see you! Yeah, I love ao3, but it's not a blogging platform, you know? I love the sense of being able to talk about your life and share fandom squee in the same place. And I've definitely got some stuff in the works to post :D

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