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hi, internet, it's Friday.
I'm having a good Friday! It's been really busy this past week—third week of my senior semester in college, \o/! I'm taking a lot of higher-level classes, but so far I've actually managed to stay on top of the work. I work on a literary magazine, and I have an editing workshop this weekend, in addition to a 40-minute presentation next week, and a group lit review project, oh god. But it's all good, because this morning I've been swallowed by music feelings!

I have a lot of love in my heart today, for the person I'm dating (I'll call her A, she's awesome, we've been together almost two years and all I want to do is, like, travel the country and bash out amateur guitar melodies for her stories), and for music in general, because last night I watched The Black Parade is Dead! again with A (for the first time in ages—god, I honestly don't know if I've watched it since I was seventeen and got it from the library and went to my very first show, in the virtual emotional rollercoaster of my living room).

In other music news, I've recently gotten very into the Weakerthans! It seems like every song of theirs has this rough, open, tiny-spark-of-potential-in-the-void kind of feeling to it, and I love it. Fucking hell.

Also, I am sore as shit, because I've started taking this PE class called Military Fitness for the second semester, and as you can imagine, it's brutal. But it's brutal in a strangely enjoyable, satisfying way! I took it last semester because I went on this really long train of thought where I discovered that you could do space-related work in the military without having a science degree (which I don't), and I have desperately wanted to do space things since I was a wee child, okay. So even though I would never ever have even thought of it before, I decided to get in gear for the possibility of Air Force things, which mostly entailed getting a series of shin splints, running shoes, an ingrown toenail, and aches and pains no one my age should have. But also, I (who have never even so much as step foot in a basketball game) managed to pick up full-grown human beings and run more than I ever have in my life and do, like, so many pushups the dudes were impressed. There's a certain camaraderie in everyone getting put through the wringer alike, so even the athletes are falling snot-on-the-grass down and high-fiving the new kids. ...It's probably my masochism talking.

Anyway! So that's happening, and I also recently discovered there's something called astrobiology, which, why did no one in my life ever tell me about this? It's literally the scientific field that studies the possibility of alien life. Like, that exists and it's real and even NASA funds it. What the hell? Here I thought my dreams were relegated to television and no, I could do it. For real. (They also study respectable things like "how do human bodies react to the stresses of space," which is cool in itself, but. They study what kind of life could live on Mars. They figure out what kind of signals we'd need to look for to detect aliens. I am not even fucking kidding.)

So, yeah, if I want to actually do that I'd have to take a few more years of classes in biology and calculus and get some research experience and shit, because mostly astrobiology happens at the graduate level, but. It's out there and I'm thinking about it.

And that's an update in the life! Now I'm gonna go hum in the shower or something. Does anyone have experience with song composition? I'm thinking about it a lot right now and my experience consists of "I started out humming Scarborough Fair and it turned into this unidentifiable mass, help," but I suppose maybe even the pros do that sometimes. This entry was originally posted at http://amisophe.dreamwidth.org/37061.html. Comment wherever you want!


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