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So I live in dry, arid, elevated New Mexico, and have for the past few years. It snows here sometimes. I think that's cool as shit, because before this I lived in California, where it snowed once, for about 20 minutes, in ten years, and then immediately evaporated. (Before that I lived in the East, so little me really missed snow when we left.)

But not since I moved here have I seen this much snow! It's apparently record-breaking and not gonna stop. I know this is mild compared to the Northeast but I'm excited, you guys, look at this:

snow yesterday morning
the field, yesterday morning

walk to food night
my walk to the cafeteria last night

snow falling in light
at the cafeteria last night, I looked up and saw the snow falling through the light

view out window
the view through my window this morning

:D enjoy the shitty pictures of my weather! This entry was originally posted at http://amisophe.dreamwidth.org/37836.html. Comment wherever you want!

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Oh wow that looks amazing, and definitely not what I think about when I think of New Mexico :)

Right? The only traditionally "New Mexico" thing there is the adobe construction. This isn't what I was expecting when I moved here, either—I thought it would be way more similar to California, given the "warm" climate and large Spanish-speaking population. But this state's definitely got its own character.

It sounds really cool though (pardon the pun *g*)

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