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a generation kill crisis
So now that the Long Deadline of "get the magazine to the printers" has passed, I'm finally back in the swing of things, "things" meaning watching TV, mostly. I have watched a few more episodes of Generation Kill. And this is my situation, now: this show is obviously super fucking serious, and at the same time, I can't help desperately wanting fic where Lt. Nate Fick tops.

Like, seriously. I understand he's got the delicate-faced prettyboy looks (by god do I understand) but we gotta look past appearances and into personality, here. Lt. Fick would make such a good top. And it would be so hot. Why won't the internet indulge me in these things? :(
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I've never actually seen the show. But it's so sad when the internet doesn't do what you want.

It's a really good show! It's super well done, realistic and morally ambiguous. Pretty intense to watch though.

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