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happy Friday!
I think Fridays might end up being my posting days, just because I have no classes (except PE) and nothing due the next day. HALLELUJAH.

I'm going back home this weekend for spring break, and it's gonna be a much-needed week of...probably doing a lot of things, actually, but at least no new assignments. And importantly, on Monday I'm going to MEPS to do the physical examination for the Air Force! I am so excited, you guys. Hopefully I pass even though I'm fucking tiny and barely make the minimum height/weight requirements. Hopefully they won't be like "sorry you're an inch too short to join," because I will be so upset. And probably promise to do lots of stretches or some shit, because surely that will make me taller? Right? I can hope.

But if everything goes well, I will be in the pipeline, and able to take the tests to qualify for the jobs I really want to do, and my recruiter will be nice and try to get me those jobs. And then I will just have the last few classes of college, and then some time to hang out with [personal profile] jabbergrey and enjoy civilian life or something, and then I will learn all kinds of cool sciency stuff, and have a real job, and be able to do cool shit and lift heavy things and know state secrets. Maybe not the last bit. And if everything really goes according to plan I'll probably end up somewhere in Colorado, which is close enough to visit friends or family every month!

Fingers crossed.
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Good luck with the tests etc, hope you get where you want to <3

Thank you! :D medical went well, even if I had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning twice last week, which means even though I just had spring break I am so sleepy /o\ now it's a waiting game to hear back if the results are acceptable. We'll see!

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